How to Dramatically Increase Your Article Views and Income with Triond and Other Writing Avenues

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Add your referral link to every article you submit

Recently, I read an article that prompted me to write this article. At the very bottom of this person’s article they included a link to their Triond referral code. Ingenuous and so simple I thought! So, currently, I’m in the process of adding my Triond referral link code to every single one of my 500 + articles. Because Triond has added this great feature, you can now make even more income by referring others who begin to start earning from their work. It is worth your while to make sure that you make use of this extra avenue to make money. Remember, each step you take builds a domino effect that will eventually allow you to achieve financial freedom. I once had a conversation with a billionaire who told me that he started with $1,000’s and over 20 years he turned that into billions. How did he do this? One step at a time, belief in himself and the ability to see the limitless potential in all the groundwork he laid out every single day.

Add links to your past articles to every new article you publish

I cannot stress this action enough. Think about it, how will your new readers be able to find your previously published work when it’s out of circulation? With any business you must consistently keep marketing and letting your customers know about your products. Your writing is your company, your articles are your products and your readers are your invaluable income suppliers. Yes, you love to write, but if you want to continue to grow your success in any field you endeavor into, you must approach it in a logical, practical manner with unlimited persistence. You must keep abreast of all new information within your field that can only increase your writing goals. All your work is important and deserves attention and growing readership. Take the steps to ensure that it receives the views it deserves.

In addition to this, as mentioned in previous articles, the more times your articles have been linked to, the higher they appear in the google search rankings. I know that because of this several of my articles show up in the first page of google search results. And, as a result, the views on these articles are consistently growing everyday. Set yourself up for success by linking, linking, linking!

Create a blog

To continue to increase the views your articles receive, it’s important to make sure that you take advantage of all the outlets where you can advertise your work. Blogging is an excellent way to do this. Create a blog and publish links with snippets of your article and you will begin to see that more people will be able to read your work because more people will be able to find your work.

Not only will a blog increase your views, you can also add Google adsense ads to your blog and other such money making sources to your work that will increase your earning potential as well.

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Social Network on BlogCatalog and other similar sites

Just like any outlet, you must take the time to market your blog as well. There are great social networking sites like BlogCatalog that allow you to read other blogs, make networking contacts and increase your readership views.

Everything takes work, but if you keep your “eyes on the prize” and realize that if your goal is financial freedom (consistent residual income for life) then taking the important steps will be a rewarding experience. When building a house, you must first create a plan, and then you have to create a solid structure before you can fill in the walls, decorate it, etc. But each step you take brings you closer to the vision of your dreams. Also keep in mind that there are freelance writers who are making 100K+ off their online writing efforts. You WILL be among them very soon.

Facebook and Twitter

Much like blogging, Facebook and Twitter are excellent avenues to post links to your work as well. Facebook is wonderful because your friends want to see you succeed and are very interested in what you have to say, but they might not know how to find your work. Help them out. They will be happy to help you succeed in your writing endeavors.

Create your own website

There are many sites that allow you to create a free online website. This is just another avenue that offers a platform to publish links to your work. It also offers you the ability to create your own community for your readers. Some websites have forum tabs, calendars, and other such features that enable you to share interactions and a social atmosphere for your readers. It’s also another great way to keep readers coming back to your work.

StumbleUpon and Reddit

These sites offer you the opportunity to lift your fellow writers’ success. These sites tend to frown upon you simply submitting your own links, however, submitting the links of the work from authors you love will ultimately help lift you up as well. You cannot help another person without helping yourself and the more you wish success for others, the more it will come back to you. They say that whatever you give to others comes back to you infinitely. We must all work to help each other succeed and only then will we all be blessed with success beyond our greatest dreams.

I once read that life is truly about increase, that when you are alive you are constantly increasing all avenues in your life. A plant continues to grow higher and toward the nourishment of sunshine rays and beauty. We were all meant for the greatest and ultimate heights of love, health, success and joy!

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