Google Search Pages Limit

Here is an interesting fact cum observation, I want to share with you. While searching on google it gives number of results and time for query. Most of the time it gives more then a million result.
Have you ever tried to check all search pages, I think most of you never tried this, so this time have a look on search pages. Here I checked for more results, and result was surprizing Google is unable to show more then 720 results. So why they show the big number, are they just want to impress us, they want to show their database capacity, I seems unreal number, according to me If you can't show it don't show it at least don't misguide us.
Here are few snapshots which I would like to share with you.Here I used two examples Google and windows 7 both has millions of results but google is unable to show all the results. In abouve image it is clearly visible that google query has upto 720 results and windows 7 query has 672 result only. You can check it with any keyword.
I hope google should understand it or provide an explanation for this.

Google Image search has even bad result count show.

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