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I am glad to write about this topic. I am familiar with web from a long time, I wrote few post on blog and later deleted. Some of them are cached by Google may be they will be there. Now few months back I started blogging again about few general topics like comics(my most fav topic), movies, ebooks, placement materials, and few more are in planning stage.
Here I wanna give you a look about my running blogs.
1. Raj Comics Collection and much more
Here you will get comics reviews, download links and much more information about what's coming next and what is how? Almost all download links are taken from eSnips.com because it has no restriction over download , its free. Second most common download link is mediafire.com which is also a free source for downloads. Some users asked us to provide other download links also because at some places mediafire.com is banned spedially in collegs so here is everything, just search - click - download your comics. Here you will get Nagraj, Parmanu, doga, bheriya, dhruv and more or you can visit our collection blog to see what is new and what is available.
Except above mentioned comics you will get information about webcomics, cartoons and similarly many.
Even you will get some videos about rajcomics.
2. All Free Downloads
Here we are trying to provide download links for movies and softwares. which is freely accessible. We are not uploading but providing links which we are getting after so many research over internet. Now you can get chal chalein, tere sang and agyaat movies from this blog.
3. Download eBooks
Here we are trying to provide download links for books related to technical, course, novels, hindi and English both. Here you will get books of paul coelho, adolf hitler, premchand, Dan brown and several famous writers.

The main aim of above blog is to provide download links at a single place, which are generally untouched by Google and other search engine. Search engines are good enough if the will be provided keyword and few more meta details otherwise the are useless.
People who are uploading their content on rapidshare, mediafire on even on esnips. They just change the names which is not recognized by search engine, automatic crawlers. Untill an efficient web crawler comes into existence we have to do it manually.
I strongly recommend to develop a new crawler which can see data inside and index them according to them.
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