HTML5 served, Start Biting with canvas, video, audio tags

HTML5 is a major release after many years of HTML4.01 and XHTML, initially it was specified that next version of HTML will be a game changer in RIA(Rich Internet Applications) which are based upon several plugins like Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe Flash and JAVA FX. It will have a in bilt video codec to understand video and audio which can be controlled via javascript, that will definetly give coders more flexibility, and we can expect a lot from this release.
As per now this release contains few major tags like
  • canvas- an inline SVG and MathML
  • video elements
  • audio reference
  • header, footer, nav, aside etc. tags
  • Offline web storage
  • Drag and Drop
Brief introduction of above tags are available here at linux4u.
See differences between HTML5 and HTML4.01 here .
Above, this is a small list of specification you can always refer to for more details.
All tags reference is available at w3schools.
I am happy with two tags canvas and video which will give web a lot more flexibility, you now no need to install any codec just have newer version of web browser.

Lets see about video tag element.
Optional Attributes of the
Attribute Value Description
autoplay true|false If true, then the audio will start playing as soon as it is ready
controls true|false If true, the user is shown some controls, such as a play button.
end numeric value Defines where in the audio stream the player should stop playing. As default, the audio is played to the end.
height pixels Sets the height of the video player
loopend numeric value Defines where in the audio stream the loop should stop, before jumping to the start of the loop. Default is the end attribute’s values
loopstart numeric value Defines where in the audio stream the loop should start. Default is the start attribute’s values
playcount numeric value Defines how many times the audio clip should be played. Default is 1.
poster url The URL of an image to show before the video is ready
src url The URL of the audio to play
start numeric value Defines where in the audio stream the player should start playing. As default, the audio starts playing at the beginning.
width pixels Sets the width of the video player
At last what you can do?
Let's have a look on new browsers, I am giving you download links for above mentioned browsers, check you new tags there and create something interesting.

Mozzila Firefox 3.5.2
Microsoft Internet Explorer 8
Opera 9.64
Google Chrome Latest Beta

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