Are You a Blog Addict?

Are you a blog addict? If you answer yes, you did found something worth your time and effort. Most people say blogging is an art, a way of expressing yourself, thoughts, and feelings. Others say, its a new way of communicating or conveying your thoughts to others. The majority also say that blogging is an income generating activity. Maybe, these are the reasons why you are hooked into it.

Blog, according to Wikipedia, is a type of website usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Some bloggers fill their blogs with comments about any topics – whether about events, politics and just anything under the sun. Some individuals made their blog to function as online diaries. Some others focuses on art – poems, photographs, sketches, videos, and music. But this individuals who maintain it sometimes get hooked that they wrote anything and everything they can think of, and posts blogs depending on what they think and feel at the moment.


Blogging is a new way of expressing oneself, thoughts and feelings. Gone are the days where only good writers can make books or novels to express their selves, because even a young adult now a days are into blogging where they express there opinions and experiences spontaneously and freely. The generations who got hooked into this stuff is getting younger and younger. We’ll never know it would be part of a curriculum in elementary in the near future.

blogging requires passion and authority

Another good thing about blogging is that it is a way of communicating with others. With your thoughts expressed in blogs, you conveyed a message where people can react through comments. Others may like what you wrote and re-post them, while others may not. But what you wrote may, in one way or another, be beneficial to your readers. Others may find your blogs unhelpful as of the moment, but in the long run, as time and need arises, your readers will still, even in the littlest use, benefit from it. The good thing here is you still communicated with them and you intended to impart your thoughts and ideas with them through your blogs. You may want to influence your readers through your words of encouragement but even if you can’t, even if your readers won’t agree with what you wrote, what is important is you shared something, you gave out ideas and you made it known loud and clear.

blog to blog

Writers are truly blessed. They are being paid for what they enjoy doing most. True to blogging, it has been a source of gaining revenues now a days. Some people earn a lot of money on this, others made it their profession by monetizing their blogs even those personal ones. Bloggers, not only earn money, but also knowledge from other blogs and articles they have and they will still read.

Both the bloggers and their readers will learn from blogging and reading blogs. What disadvantages could you get from blogging? None. Blogging is indeed a good addiction.

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