Opera Mini 5 Beta – Latest Web Browser for Mobile Phones

Opera Mini 5 Beta – Latest Web Browser for Mobile Phones: "
Opera has released it’s latest web browser as Opera Mini 5 beta for web browsing on mobile phones. This is the latest version of it’s web browser (mobile) series which is more stable than it’s earlier versions. Since Opera and Safari are the two largest web browsers that are being used worldwide, Opera made it sure to make the browser more user friendly with old bug fixes and some new advanced features. You can download Opera Mini 5 beta and try on your mobile handset to experience the difference.

“In our own research, we have learned that the number-one reason people use Opera Mini is because it is easy — easy to use the Web you know. The idea of navigating the vastness of the Web from such a small screen can be a daunting leap, which is why we have long committed to make the browsing experience you are familiar with from your PC, easy to do on your mobile phone. With new, sleek navigation buttons, tabbed browsing and Speed Dial bookmarks, you are never more than a click away from where you want to go on the Web”, said by Jon Von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software.

Opera Mini 5 Beta

Opera Mini 5 Beta Features

  1. Tabbed browsing – Now you will experience the convenience of tabbed browsing on mobile phone browser also. You can open multiple tabs at a time and navigate through them easily.
  2. Stylish Designing – Opera Mini 5 beta features a new, intuitive and advanced interface for stylish look and feel.
  3. Touchscreen or keypad browsing – Opera Mini supports both touchscreen and keypad browsing, catering to the needs of all mobile phones.
  4. Speed Dial – Opera extended it’s speed dial features from desktop version to it’s mobile web browser. Using Speed Dial, you can browser the frequently used sites with just one click.
  5. Password manager – You can securely save all your passwords using the built-in password manager, so that you won’t ever need to manually enter them again.

Download Opera Mini 5 Beta from here.


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