Top 5 Photo Hosting Websites for Your Photoblog

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Blogging doesn’t just constitute on text documents alone. Blogs can be of different forms depending on the blogger’s specialization. You can have vlogs (video blogs), sketchblog, artblogs and even photoblogs. Vlogs are for blogs making videos its topic, sketchblogs for sketches, artblogs for arts. Photoblogs are for your great photographs and for displaying the art of photography.

Photography had taken a real leap in our world today. As what they say, photographs aren’t just still images of memories and the world. It is far more than that. If you take a good look at every picture there is you’ll see that they aren’t just memories of events, places and people. It talks to the soul. Yes, if you’ll look at it more closely, you’ll certainly feel different emotions it employs. It is more than just an art. It is more than just a piece of paper. It is more than just a mere photograph of something.

That is why more and more people are getting hooked at photography. And displaying it is just a wonderful way of telling the world how magnificent a photograph is. Photography is one theme you can have for your blog if you have that love for photography. And displaying these photographs isn’t hard. There are lots of photograph hosting websites out there of which you can choose to host your beautiful pictures for your blog.

For photobloggers out there, here are 5 top image hosting websites you can choose from:


Is a free image hosting site dedicated to make sharing images hassle free. It has a total of 500MB free storage. They provide you with easy sharing and with family and friends with just a single link you will give them. photobucket

No hassle with sending them photo attachments on emails. Various themes are available for you to choose from to make your Photobucket account more alive and inviting. There’s a built-in organizer for you to be able to organize photos into albums for easy access. A built in photo editor is also available for easy fixing and editing of your photos. Built-in searching, scrapbook builder, slideshow builder, remix builder.


Just founded on November 2003, ImageShack® had taken its way to popularity on photo hosting. It provides a user-friendly line of image hosting. imageshackPowered by Linux, they offer an easy uploading of different image formats, an unlimited storing time, and a better security. They can support file formats like JPEG, GIF, PNG, SWF(flash), BMP, and TIFF.

Images of BMP and TIFF formats are automatically converted to PNG formats. And you ca store these photos on ImageShack® forever as long as it doesn’t violate any of its terms and conditions. And you are rest assured that you are totally protected because the thumbnail links provided after every upload is limited to the account owner only. Photos must not exceed a size of 1.5Mb/photo.



Is owned by Photobucket Video and Photo Sharing Company designed for you to easily upload, link, and share your images and videos on your online scrapbooks, blogs, journals and on messageboards. It is a fast, simple, and reliable photo and video hosting website you can use for free.


image hosting

This image hosting site has dedicated servers which hosts your images for free. They make your photos easily get linked in websites, emails and blogs. You can upload an image of up to 1.5MB in file size in any formant and as many images you want, photos will be stored as long as you want in to be stored, thumbnails are automatically created, and you can easily share image with friends and family.


It is also a free image hosting site designed to make sharing photos easy and hassle free. You can upload photos of up to 10 photos and a maximum size of 3.5Mb/photo without registering to Pict. pictRegistered accounts, that is, those accounts of registered users with personal Pict accounts, can upload of up to 20 photos/album and a maximum of 3 albums also at 3.5Mb image size. And if you apply for a Pro account, you can upload unlimited photos and create unlimited albums with a maximum of 12Mb image size. Pict has its own uploading software to make downloading fast. They have an application for Windows which allows you to upload, manage and share photos and screenshots with just a single click. They also have a Firefox Add-on to make screenshots in just one click with an automatic upload to Pict image hosting. They also allow you to upload images online with just a right click.

Never waste an opportunity of sharing wonderful moments and places to the public and especially to your families and friends. Bring photos to your blog and let them see how wonderful photography is. Have a happy photo sharing!

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