Google Indexed Volume

You may have noticed about Google results, it show count of indexed pages related to that particular searched word/ phrase . It seems very large number. Google keeps marking as old entries and sometimes repeated entries but it shows the full count while showing results.

Today I checked about some keywords and tries to compare the results for getting some idea about keyword optimization.

Let’s see some screen shots then we will see some results about these results.

com free goog internet mail money ms net web www yhoo

Stats about indexed pages:


com 21.1   Billion
free 3        Billion
Google 1.97   Billion
internet 1.53   Billion
mail 2.43  Billion
money 874    Million
Microsoft 475    Million
net 3.37   Billion
web 2.78   Billion
www 20.73 Billion
yahoo 2.23   Billion


Now you can easily figure out which type of keyword should be used in content.

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