Two Sites to Help You Grow as a Writer

As a web content provider, I am always on the prowl for some interesting programs and services to help me learn and excel. As much as I enjoy a great Google search, I enjoy other type of search engines for information to learn and continue to grow.

Other then, and, the two obvious ones most writers know about, I have stumbled upon a gold mine I wanted to share.

Definitions is an entire search engine dedicated to definitions in the dictionary. What a find and pleasure to use. It has multiple features such as abbreviations, conversions, definitions, phrases, quotes, references and synonyms.

This search engine is a pleasure to use, and quite easy to maneuver. The words located in this search engine are broken down to date, function and even the etymology of the word. This is a useful search engine for students or those wanting to improve your language skills. They give you a variety of definitions, but I still suggest using a combination of, and combined for the full effect of word meanings.

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When I go to the library, I respect the views and insight of the Librarians I associate with. Tips, ideas and suggestions they offer when researching a project or book you need to use to find information. My mouth almost hit the floor the other day to locate a site that is a Librarians choice of the best of the web. Just amazing to find and pleasure to use, knowing you are gaining insight from a Librarian. I have many fond memories of Librarians shaping my patterns of thoughts and choices to read.

It is an extensive list done alphabetically, as we know Librarians like to alphabetize the bookshelves! From non-profits, art to woman’s resources is available as a list. Once you click on your choice, you are given a wonderful list of their suggestions. I hope Margaret keeps up the great work she is doing on that site.

Give Digital Librarian a try. I added a photograph for you to view it.

Locating these two pieces of treasure online was such a treat that I could not remain silent on finding them. I just had to write this article to share it with you all.

Give these sites a round of applause for creativity, and interesting things to browse. It is reassuring to know that some great and unique sites still exist.

One more thing you make sure you book mark them both, and share this find.

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