Google India Offers Free Advertising Coupons to Attract Small Advertisers

google indiaGoogle India is giving away free AdWords coupons to businesses who own a website but have never used the Google platform before to advertise their website on the Internet.

Google will provide website owners with advertising coupons worth a certain value for free that they may use to advertise their site on Google search results pages and on external sites that run Google AdSense ads (like Digital Inspiration).

Get Free AdWords Coupons Worth $50

If you are a small or media business owner based in India who also has a website, here’s how you can request Google for free AdWords coupons:

1. Call Google India at this number – 1860 266 6622.

2. Register your website with the Google AdWords India platform by providing details about your business and your contact information.

3. The Google India representative will now set up your AdWords account.

Google will also credit INR 2,500.00 worth of advertising coupons to your AdWords account that you may later use for advertising your business on Google pages as well as other non-Google sites on the web.

In addition to free coupons, you’ll also get customer support for one month to help you manage you online advertising campaigns.

This move will probably help Google attract advertisers in India who have small budgets but have never experimented with online advertising before. They can now try the AdWords system without spending a penny and, if the outcome is positive, they’ll continue to do so even after they’ve redeemed all the free coupons.

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