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If you are stuck with a word somewhere while reading an article or email on internet, what will you do? Will you refer to your dictionary book? Give me a break now! An online dictionary would work like a charm since that can give us the result more quickly and accurately than locating the word in the dictionary would. Definr is one of the online dictionary database sites that provides the meaning to the words in the paper dictionary style and format and that also more quickly.

Definr Online Dictionary

Definr claims itself as the incredibly fast dictionary online and to prove it’s stand, it shows the results to your typed words more quickly. On the other hand, it shows all meanings such as noun, verb, adjectives of the word line by line. It’s a great help to find out the word online, without much hassles. It also suggests related words to make the search more deeper.

Try this free online dictionary whenever you feel like getting confused with the meaning of a word.

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