How to Get Lots of Free Traffic to Your Articles or Blogs

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Using Search Engines To Get Lots Of Free Traffic

In order to get lots of traffic over a period of years, it is essential to get your articles, blogs and websites listed in search engines. Once they are included you need to make sure that they will be found by searchers. The easiest way to do this (unless you have lots of money and want to pay for prime positions) is to utilise keywords in your articles and posts.

First of all add your article or blog to the search engines. I use a service which is called Submit Express and is free of charge. It is accessed from a website, so doesn’t require any downloading. This adds your article to more than 40 search engines. The others will pick the article up from here but I always add to Bing manually as this is, in my opinion, the most important search engine on the internet.

Now you have added your article to search engines it is available for searchers to find. The more relevant your article is to that searchers requirements, the higher up the list of offered sites your listing will be. For example, if I put the keywords ‘lots of free traffic’ into a search engine and my article only mentions ‘lots of free traffic’ once, or twice, it will be quite low down in the list. However, if ‘lots of free traffic’ appears half a dozen times, it will be nearer the top and easier to find.

Keywords Help Draw Lots of Free Traffic to your Articles

This doesn’t mean that you should repeat the keyword so many times that the article doesn’t make sense and reads poorly. This is known as ‘keyword stuffing’ and is sometimes actually penalised by search engines.

Select your keywords and use them in your article title and in the body part too. Offer the reader good information so that he or she will remember your name, bookmark your article, or even recommend it to a friend. This is how you grow ‘lots of free traffic’ to your articles and blogs.

Choosing Keywords that Get Lots of Free Traffic

I have found that it is sometimes a case of hit and miss when choosing keywords, but using something like the Google Keyword Tool or Wordtracker will help. The higher the popularity score of a keyword, the more competition there will be to be at the top of the search engine listings. So, if you select one that is very popular you probably won’t get much in the way of results. Choosing something lower down the score board is more likely to get your listing seen and bring lots of free traffic to your articles.

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